Kamis, 07 Januari 2010

Principles of Effective Learning Child

Human experience indicate a stage of development and problems to be addressed and preparedness in response to any problem depends on the quality of the socialization that children get, especially the quality of the parents at home. Here are the principles of effective learning that children obtain their children's development is optimal:

1. Accept children as individuals
2. Communicate with friendly and creating a friendly relationship / good
3. The method used in teaching is the command to pay attention to children not only discipline alone.
4. Implementing rules and clear limits with input from children and flexible in responding.
5. Indicates a desire for attention to children who fight for no reason "surrender to the law"
6. Explaining the reason for an acceptable and credible.
7. The main emphasis on moral rules and pay attention to the impact of each action.
8. Implement best to talk about the value system

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